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All player characters can come from any one of the nations of the Known World except the Broken Lands, Alphatia and the caverns of the Shadow Elves. Note, however, that magic use is uncommon in the Known World of 1150 and while Scholarly Mages (see below) are merely tolerated, magic-users from Glantri are considered in both Darokinia and Thyatis to be in league with the powers of darkness and will be treated accordingly. Play a mage from Glantri at your own risk. See the note on magic, below.

Available character classes:

New Classes: The Witchfinder, Paladin, and Ranger classes are new to Labyrinth Lord. The Rake is from Dawn of the Emperors- Thyatis. The Preacher, Protector of the Faith, and Scholarly Mage classes are from the AD&D campaign sourcebook ‘A Mighty Fortress,’ and replace the standard Magic-User and Cleric classes (with the exception of Glantrian magic-users. See each entry for specific details.

Rolling for characteristics is the standard 3d6 for each, but scores may be placed where you like. No re-rolls, unless the character is completely pathetic, in which case a complete re-roll is in order (unless you want to keep that character.)

Important Note About Magic: For those unfamiliar with the Hollow World, understand that it is a low magic setting- there are a number or spells that either do not work or are completely unknown/unavailable there. This applies to all magic-using classes, not just Magic Users. See the entry on magic use in the Known World for changes

All characters start at 1st level.

Player's Information

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