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  • Atvatabar

    Myth, rumor, legend. Not even the wisest sages of sunken [[Alphatia]] believe it actually exists. Most of what is known about the [[Inner World]] comes from a book published in AC 983 by a "[[Børs Huffenbach of Tavaro]]" entitled _"[[The Astounding …

  • Alphatia

    Alphatia sank as a result of the [[War of the Immortals]]. By *AC 1150*, the people of Alphatia have fully adapted to their underwater environment.

  • Darokinia

    Darokinia (officially Union of Darokinian Republics) is an assembly of four individual republics and one unincorporated territory h3. +History+ Following the so-called "[[War of the Immortals]]" of AC 1001-1009 that devastated much of the Known …

  • Republic of Alfheim

    A shadow of it's former glory, the RA is nation still crawling from the wreckage of [[Great War]]. The elves are slowly gaining financial independence through Darokinia's Grand Reforestation Program.

  • Confederated Commonwealth of Cruth

    Formerly known as the Five Shires, the CCC is, today, the [[Known World]]'s largest producer of baked goods, employing halfling baking techniques handed down from generation to generation.

  • Nations of the Known World

    * [[Darokinia]] * [[Empire of Blue]] * [[Kingdom of Skania]] * [[Principalities of Glantri]] * [[Broken Lands]] * [[Kingdom of Dengar]] * [[Cathay]] * [[Holy Thyatian Empire]] * [[Kingdom of New Traldar]]

  • Cathay

    Following the [[War of the Immortals]], a devastating plague struck [[Ethengar]]. A natural occurance, the plague wiped out more than 65% of the human population and another 20% were massacred by the humanoids that remained. The Land of Black Sand has …

  • Ethengar

    The haunted wasteland that was the Ethengai Khanates is now known by the Orcish-derived name "[[Cathay]]"

  • Broken Lands

    In AC 1065, the Broken Lands were conquered by an army of demons led by a "dark overlord." Since then, this [[Dark Overlord]] has proven to be a substantial threat to the surrounding nations, in particular [[Darokinia]], with which the Broken Lands are at …

  • Republic of Darokinia

    Originally the Republic of Darokin, it's name was officially changed when the [[Union of Darokinian Republics]] was formed.